Groupon is shopping perfected. Desperate Sellers fighting for my patronage.
Groupon is quite possibly the best thing going on at the moment. All we hear is bad news all day everyday but Groupon make me happy every time I even think about shopping online AHA!!!! Groupon is so much better locally in real life in real time, INSTANTLY.

Basically it is at least 80% Desperate Sellers fighting for my patronage.

I just bought 5lbs of porkchops for $11 and then walked and got them from 2 blocks away.

There is all manner of rumors as to groupons expenses and all of that, but it means nothing to the consumer as long as Groupon exists. if groupons fails... well i will cry a little and wait for the next one because the concept of personalized coupons and desperate sellers fighting for my business.....  Equals...

SHOPPING PERFECTED. Look for yourself... utilize the search feature. OMG!!!

The only downside is that you have to signup and it takes nearly 15... 20 seconds maaaan!

Groupon really should take my created tagline "Shopping Perfected" and send me some Groupon Money or a gift certificate.

I hope you're listening. Lol

Either way I love me some Groupon. Saved me %65 on my last trip... from my friqen phone in front of the friwen Hotel


Take a look at the groupon website if you already haven't Here

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