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I figured out how to make Box Cake Mix moist like wedding cake.

Husla3x(supergenius)  how to make Box Cake Mix moist easily and every-time.
So I been trying to figure out how to make box cake mix moist... I already knew but I wanted to perfect it. Bump mayo... I just cain't do it. I settled on substituting 2/5th of the water with milk and adding an extra egg. Tried everything else and this works 90% of the time. I wanted wedding cake moist and that's what I got. I guess I'm done with cakes. Lol it was just the point to me. I am weird as hell...
Note: I tried like 10 different ways and for regular flavor box cake mix this is the most reliable and easy way. LikeComment Recipe Book
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Why is it that......? Husla3x (supergenius)

Husla3x Supergenius@Husla3xGENIUS11mWhy do all the people I ever met that talk chit about Light Skin MFs Marry Light Skin MFs and beat em? I'm talking high 80%
Learn how to be funny!

Husla3x (supergenius)

R. Kelly ain't shit and only Aunties and GrandMas forgive his sick ass.

Man Fu_k R. Kelly!!!

"The saddest fact I've learned is: Nobody matters less to our society than young Black women. Nobody." Jim DeRogatis, music journalist

"You wonder why White women step so proudly and Mean (sometimes) through life? Its because they have the most powerful and ruthless entity in the recent history of the world standing up for them."  
Husla (MF) 3x (supergenius)

I never ever forgave R. Kelly. Even after having to be told Aliyah age I aint forgive him. I hate a person like R. Kelly, they never run out of excuses that they think are reasons and the only person (s) on earth with the capacity to forgive his child loving ace is black women, older black women to be specific. 

Why you think he regulated to older Black women music?  

I think R. Kelly need to keep his ace in the house and order Chinese food..... I almost made an Asian joke where he order kids for delivery but that would be in bad taste, but his ace would do it. and tip good too... sick basti…

Finally got the perfect christmas gifts for my wife (in my price range)

Darius Harrisadded5 new photos.1 hr· So after much arguing about schedules because I'm so dam sick a being in the house, I finally found my girl second gift. Cost me a little but not much as it's spose to... But I think she is gonna be stylish and happy. Sometimes it take me a while to eavesdrop what she want... Some times it be in April... I remembers because she my only wife... Anyway this one been coming for 2 months and it match watch and purse.... Mechanical... I wanted that watch but she a be stylish in it and I'll wear it every march or some chit.... And kids don't tell her, I blocker her out so she don't know. And I'm erasing it at 3. Like

Milwaukee being Black. Simply Complicated. A short story.

Chapter 1 (again)
If I asked to kiss you, what would you do? I asked. I don’t know, probably laugh in your face”, was her response.
Thus starting my love life and the 30+ year ride on the biggest, fastest, most thrill filled amusement park slash nut-house ride that is my life right now.
 But I was alive and calculating for more than 15 years up to that point and I believe I will begin my story a decade or so prior to that 1st kiss attempt on the East side of the most racially segregated city in the world this side of Johannesburg, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
*Authors Note* Milwaukee is so segregated that the inhabitants only sub-consciously realize that the others exist and then only as nuisances for the most part. Milhonkey, as the city is known in some small quarters by surprisingly many inhabitants, is a pretty stagnating place to grow up as a black human being. The easiest most basic way I can describe my city is this, “If its bad and racially disparaging and in the news anywhere in the…

Man how the hell is racism still in America? All the enemies we have.

Darius Harris10 mins·
Remember a few days ago the white guy walking past the Barber shop with a loaded assault rifle didn't get nothinged? I don't know if its the JESUS in me or what but I wouldn't be disapointed if the world ended or a race war came..... Because both the causes are disrespectful as FuQ. I guess White America got a right (to guns)
I guess black America (got a Right (to be LEFT on the ground dead) I bet I am being race insensitive on this post to some.??? At least yo ace aint dead. This chit is wrong... 33 times while on the ground dead? Why ain't nobody complaining about the waste of taxpayer money on Ammunition? Wait. I get ir now. Beating a dead horse: frowned upon
Shooting a dead nugga: Acceptable Seriously, wouldn't you smoke weed all the time if death was so few degrees of seperation from you perpetually? Why do stoners do it tho??? I'm confused. Husla3x (supergenius) back to claim the pyramids. Watch how many loved ones tell me take this d…

The genius process - What goes on in the mind of a Supergenius.

How a genius makes a song/story
"She had me twisted like the ends of hard gramma house candy.
And in the breeze like the cellophane that wrap it up.
Love for her was never enough. Just another sad ghetto story bout love.
How it can FuQ you up." Random Wake up Poem. Ain't about me, I'm good. Probably subconscious from some movie I watched in my sleep. I love when I dream concerts or stories. All my best work come like that. First I get a poem. Then i get a character and that personality write the song or story from that fictional characters perspective about the poem. **Wait. More came.
......bout love.
How it can FuQ you up." "Misdirect you. Hope to hell that god protect you.
That don't even match. But if it work then I'll take it.
Got me out here nay-ked. how the world filled with fakers
but somehow manage to be so real, out here still." That added to the memory from the memory. (nobody cares) I wonder who this person is gonna be. It can be …

Interpretation for that whole Bible EVE Rib thing seems to be some Bull.

Darius Harris1 min·WebMD· I been saying this. This, to me, proves that women are not a rib of a man but a side of a man. (Research the greek for side and rib in the Ark of the covenant) I know its hard to imagine but try this then.... Why would adam have to be put to sleep fr what amounts to day surgery when the doctor was skilled enough to form the patient from dust? I think women are the missing part to man and as a team, through Marriage (meaning sexual union) we become one and this is why we cleave her (wife) and leave them (parents) - That also proves (finally) a theory about women using both sides of their brain at once. Since I was a kid I was fairly sure of that one... Went to Capital Court Walgreens and the whole left wall was colors of makeup. I was colorblind so that intrigued me. The walls in my childhood home were eggshell but the curtains where antique white.... They was the same color to me... but I figured granny wouldn't lie... so I was intrigued again. anyway... …

Soviet inclusion may be the international Terror cell attack signal.

Darius Harris1 min·Twitter·
I think Russia ramping up is the worldwide terrorist cell attack signal. It actually makes perfect sense when you logic back from now until the begining. It seems the soviets had a plan to pay us back for what Reagan did. Thats just one poor black ghetto dwellers thoughts on the subject.‪#‎future‬‪#‎WW3‬ - CNN.COM/2015/12/08/MID…|BY GREG BOTELHO, MOHAMMED TAWFEEQ AND TIM HUME, CNN

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How the hell do you hide a future ship? America & Russia R@ war.

YEP! This futuristic ship coming out from the spy lair is coincidence too, we aint secret warring. I got two questions though. Q: You ever seen a ship like that before?
Q: How the fuQ you hide a SHIP? Aint nobody told, aint nobody seen it. and then right now when we seeing ships problems in the little terrorism war we aint in with russia....... All of a sudden here come a futuristic super ship that they been hiding for at least year (Take a grip a time & while we was broke) ready to go to sea - Sea though. Look at a middle eastern map and all you see is ... well seas. They never lie, its actually gooing out to sea,. Anyway I think too much and I'm missing my girl (i just recognized that right now) to the point of pissed possibly. This school and work got me missing her. I don't ever miss.... Never. Dam my soft ace sprung. The new me GOD gave me made me capable of plain ole regular soft.... Anyoleways. Thats that New JESUS in my system. I guess I'm soft like eirbod…

I never thought about it but the forefathers were felons.

Husla3x (supergenius) This is something you never really hear spoken aloud but America and Australia started as jails basically. I noticed the similarities between Americas population and Australia about 12 years into my life. That is when I started desiring to understand where the natural "proclivity" towards aggression towards difference evident in most of the whites I had encountered up until that point. It was consistent throughout my life. I started looking towards racial temperament, that was not fully the answer... So I then looked to Americas founding stock.... My answer was found there. I shut up at 15 and started chasing breasts and money. Penal transportation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Transportation or penal transportation is the sending of convicted criminals or other persons regarded as undesirable to a penal colony. For example, France transported convicts to Devil's Island and New… EN.M.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
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