Finally got the perfect christmas gifts for my wife (in my price range)

So after much arguing about schedules because I'm so dam sick a being in the house, I finally found my girl second gift. Cost me a little but not much as it's spose to... But I think she is gonna be stylish and happy.
Sometimes it take me a while to eavesdrop what she want... Some times it be in April... I remembers because she my only wife... Anyway this one been coming for 2 months and it match watch and purse.... Mechanical... I wanted that watch but she a be stylish in it and I'll wear it every march or some chit.... And kids don't tell her, I blocker her out so she don't know. And I'm erasing it at 3.
Rosalie P Nolan
Rosalie P Nolan very nice indeed
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Darius Harris
Darius Harris thank you
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Robin Young
Robin Young Pretty
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