Interpretation for that whole Bible EVE Rib thing seems to be some Bull.

I been saying this. This, to me, proves that women are not a rib of a man but a side of a man. (Research the greek for side and rib in the Ark of the covenant) I know its hard to imagine but try this then.... Why would adam have to be put to sleep fr what amounts to day surgery when the doctor was skilled enough to form the patient from dust?
I think women are the missing part to man and as a team, through Marriage (meaning sexual union) we become one and this is why we cleave her (wife) and leave them (parents) - That also proves (finally) a theory about women using both sides of their brain at once. Since I was a kid I was fairly sure of that one... Went to Capital Court Walgreens and the whole left wall was colors of makeup. I was colorblind so that intrigued me. The walls in my childhood home were eggshell but the curtains where antique white.... They was the same color to me... but I figured granny wouldn't lie... so I was intrigued again. anyway... I am now fairly certain that you bond to who you have sex with in some way... its way worse for women so I just took it as a bonus coming up.... But it do explain why even the weakest ugliest dudes baby mommas (young) be thinking them weak nuggaz is young gawds.
And for the record. Adam was right there with Eve when she bit the Apple... why the hell wouldn't church emphasize that?
Goodnight Blog people.
Researchers reveal sex differences in the brain's form and function.

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