Milwaukee being Black. Simply Complicated. A short story.

Chapter 1 (again)

If I asked to kiss you, what would you do? I asked.
I don’t know, probably laugh in your face”, was her response.

Thus starting my love life and the 30+ year ride on the biggest, fastest, most thrill filled amusement park slash nut-house ride that is my life right now.

 But I was alive and calculating for more than 15 years up to that point and I believe I will begin my story a decade or so prior to that 1st kiss attempt on the East side of the most racially segregated city in the world this side of Johannesburg, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

*Authors Note* Milwaukee is so segregated that the inhabitants only sub-consciously realize that the others exist and then only as nuisances for the most part. Milhonkey, as the city is known in some small quarters by surprisingly many inhabitants, is a pretty stagnating place to grow up as a black human being. The easiest most basic way I can describe my city is this, “If its bad and racially disparaging and in the news anywhere in the country, Milwaukee is probably doing it loudly at that time and quietly prior." Milwaukee is arguably one of the most racially and economically segregated places in the country but at the same time one of the most predictable and comfortable places to live and raise children. The sad part of that is that the constant subliminal oppresion drives the blacks and whites in close proximity to them, living there a minor diluted type of crazy, and no one seems to notice it.... except mabye a Jeffrey Dahmer Or the Opposite end of the spectrum Black serial killer whos name escapes me. Something Taylor i believe.

Milhonkee has more anomalies than a city of this small size should have, thats for sure. The part I'd imagine that births the crazy non-conformity in the Black community is the opacity (veiled) atmosphere of superiority that seems to exist in Germanic communities and their psyche for some strange unexplained reason. I don't say this to sound racist I say this as a mathematical near surety that i have noticed throughout my severely introverted life (when alone) in the absolute wrong place to be it, "the Ghetto' and not that one for Jewish folk neither. I'm meaning the emotional one with the guns where stepping on shoes can kill you. The free-air prison that is actually the modern equivalent of the slave quarters of old. Again I don't say this to seem racist or spread guilt.. Truth just is. And i am expressing said truth. From my perspective of course.

The Beginning

“I wonder is there anyone, anywhere walking around stepping on all the cracks because their Momma deserves to have her back broken?”

That is the 1st real question I remember as a child. I obviously had others I just can’t remember them. I can see myself in the back of my dad’s car and see from his rear profile that my questions are driving him crazy (learned that look when I got my twin daughters) but I can’t for the life of me remember or get any audio of those pre-pre-school dialogs. It’s like I am inside of myself looking out through my eyes as someone else, if you get what I mean. I am viewing myself over my own shoulder in memory and I can see more of my dad’s profile than the “me” in the back seat of the car in early 1971 could see. I had my seat belt on but no car-seat, that was a future thing reserved for the fragile kids in the fragile cars living quasi adult lives badly in the whiny complaint ruined fragile future to come. I often wonder would the old us like our children of the same age if we could be magically introduced in a timeless environment somehow? Transported back to then maybe in a time machine. Not the ones that dispense money, its a Wisconsin thing, like Bubbler or soda. I wonder if my son met me back in 1973, would 7 years old him be interested in playing with me? I mean after I got over the initial novelty and shock of being able to play the controllable cartoons called, video games, that I dreamed and wish would exist at that stage of my livingness. 

D. Harris or Husla3x(supergenius) the latter seeming the most likely candidate. 

Anyone who reads this help a nugga out and see if I get the personality of the Author correct. And give me any critism so I can pound out a chapter or 2 a day for a kindle book right quick. Don't care if you share it... doubt anyone will but if you like it or hate it or hate the fact that I "Whitened" the language up.... Fuq You pay me!! Just playing i truly welcome all critiques and oppinions... to make it better... Only wanna write it once. Thanks family. I know i'll get some feedback... shole is glad i ain't asking none of all them wasted ace loudly proclaimed christians on my page for help.... Only Family... who personify the definition of christian with the hellping... Yall other nuggaz need to something, something, something, deez nutz!!

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