R. Kelly ain't shit and only Aunties and GrandMas forgive his sick ass.

Jim Spellman via Getty Images
Man Fu_k R. Kelly!!!

"The saddest fact I've learned is: Nobody matters less to our society than young Black women. Nobody." Jim DeRogatis, music journalist

"You wonder why White women step so proudly and Mean (sometimes) through life? Its because they have the most powerful and ruthless entity in the recent history of the world standing up for them."  
Husla (MF) 3x (supergenius)

I never ever forgave R. Kelly. Even after having to be told Aliyah age I aint forgive him. I hate a person like R. Kelly, they never run out of excuses that they think are reasons and the only person (s) on earth with the capacity to forgive his child loving ace is black women, older black women to be specific. 

Why you think he regulated to older Black women music?  

I think R. Kelly need to keep his ace in the house and order Chinese food..... I almost made an Asian joke where he order kids for delivery but that would be in bad taste, but his ace would do it. and tip good too... sick bastid, Fuc_ R. Kelly. 

That nugga Mustache even look perverted.

If I had any doubt that Satan was in Hollywood... I don't no more. 

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