The genius process - What goes on in the mind of a Supergenius.

How a genius makes a song/story

"She had me twisted like the ends of hard gramma house candy.
And in the breeze like the cellophane that wrap it up.
Love for her was never enough. Just another sad ghetto story bout love.
How it can FuQ you up."
Random Wake up Poem. Ain't about me, I'm good. Probably subconscious from some movie I watched in my sleep.
I love when I dream concerts or stories. All my best work come like that. First I get a poem. Then i get a character and that personality write the song or story from that fictional characters perspective about the poem.
**Wait. More came.
......bout love.
How it can FuQ you up."
"Misdirect you. Hope to hell that god protect you.
That don't even match. But if it work then I'll take it.
Got me out here nay-ked. how the world filled with fakers
but somehow manage to be so real, out here still."
That added to the memory from the memory. (nobody cares)
I wonder who this person is gonna be. It can be male or female.
Yep. My ace is crazy. (wouldnt trade for the world)
Must be getting better. YAY.

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