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Wendy Wiliams, Kanye West, Women and Hell - Jeez Louise!!

I woke up to‪#‎wendywilliams‬calling Kanye a woman.  Thats crucial - I guess he went in on Wiz because he misunderstood something. I feel the situation though because Kanye surrounded by women and that change a man mentally - You get defensive because sometimes girls ain't wrong or better worded, willing to admit it. It make you defensive when it prolonged in time length, quietly because if they become aware they turn it up for you. Sometimes. It only really comes into play when you are secluded because the world self corrects your perspective seclusion in a shared and respected environment doesn't. That's why the prescription is cheating, or jail, it only has the potential to affect the monogamous or , as with jail, things make sense to men because arguments don't go long and violent end is acceptable. You get what you beg for in jail with "Fair" repercussions. So seclusion and perspective make the difference. Don't know why. I think it has something to…

the Black Kid vs police thing is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.

Husla3x Supergenius@Husla3xGENIUS6mits a shame that the Kid vs police thing is a Self-Fulfilling . The Police R gungho and the kids scared. I blame the adults.
Self-fulfilling prophecy Definition in plain words. a teacher, expects a student to be lazy, is likely to treat that student in such a way that it draws out the very same response he or she expects. Similarly, if we start a day and think “I’ll have a bad day today,” such thinking may alter our actions and the prediction might be fulfilled by our actions. The term “self-fulfilling prophecy” was coined by Robert Merton in 1948. He described it as: “A false definition of the situation evoking a new behavior which makes the originally false conception come true” Individuals react to a situation the way they perceive it and so their reaction is governed by their perception of that particular situation. No matter what the situation means in reality, their reaction toward the situation causes it to be fulfilled in accor…

My wife like the truck now after hours of convincing.

Hey yall. I havent been on here in a while but I think I am about to start being here more as a rule. I aint even tell yall I got a new truck, a GMC Yukon Denali - well new to me anyway.

I'm still married and I still got the Jesus even though its a whole big thang on now about the diety of my Lord and savior. I will of course get to the meat of the situation because i am I - Husla3x(supergenius) - anyway I got different transportation now and its  best i could do but also i have a friend in Jesus and on earth.

I told yall I was Off that religion really hard lately, I actually think i am "Elect" and God is in possession of my (supergeniusness??) Is that a word? Anyway I'll get to all that soon but not now because i am high, thats a whole nother story. 2nd hand, all because i aint judgemental because i dont care one bit.

I guess I will tell that story. I went to "Family Dollar" - You know its in the Hood because everywhere else the dollar stores is named &qu…

#MakeMeThinkIn5Words - Husla3x (supergenius)

Husla3x Supergenius@Husla3xGENIUS
Is Life an evaluation period?
Husla3x (supergenius) Please click a share button, its hard to get famous if know on knows ya.

My daughter is selling more Avon than Avon.

Darius HarrisJanuary 19 at 10:30pm· My Oldest daughter is inspiration to love GOD, as if more was needed. She is killing the Avon & Mary Kay and Design.... She is an Awesome woman of GOD at a young age, she beat me there. Ms Doss, Ms Jdoss the Boss ms big sister who walks the walk and leads her sibblings to the lord where together they make a Joyful noise unto the lord. This Started as an Advertisement for her Avon and ended up and advertisement for what she really has on Deck and that's Love for God.  I gave her a pretty snappy tagline " Avon, Beauty you can trust. Your Avon representative next door, to anywhere. She has no facebook but I needed her to be seen. You can find her here if Avon is needed. LikeComment Annie Rhodes,Kesha Scull,

Home made Gospel rap - Husla3x (supergenius). facebook Video

Darius Harrisshared hisvideo.2 hrs·
I actually don't even remember this song good but its my new favorite song. I be freestyling them or writing them in minutes.... I'm going through my vids since my Neice liked one earlier and then my brother.