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I accepted Jesus but still want to slap idiots. Is that normal?

The thing I can't understand is since I have accepted Jesus as my savior I still laugh when people fall and I still wish to slap several people everyday. Wasn't the Jesus supposed to stop that? Well it didn't. It did however show me that it is wrong for slapping people simply because they are idiots. And i'm thankful for that i guess.

Groupon SearchBar changes the game. Best deals ever.

I been using this more and more lately. Once you start using the searchbar this is the best hookups ever, locally and shipped. Daily Groupon | Coupons, Discounts, and Deals Groupon has huge deals on great local businesses. If you sign up and buy a deal, I may earn Groupon credit! GROUPON.COM

48 year old Husla3x (supergenius) rips freestyle to song cry by Jay-z


Vapor Cigars are the next Big Thing. E-Cigars, Safe.

Vapor Cigars are the next Big thing! I can feel it in my bones. These Vapor Cigars really work for quitting smoking or simply puffing away. They come 0mg nicotine for puffing and with nicotine for those trying to quit smoking. I am using them as a sponsor because I actually use them and love them so I may as well put a pic up and call the owners. You can check out the situation here Plus they look so   ‪#‎ Boss‬   when they light up. I have a Skype meeting with the owner of the company to try and bring these to Milwaukee because they only do 1200 puffs, thats like 5-6 regular cigars (i don't inhale but them vaper peoples do) anyway I think they the future for people trying to quit and people who just like to Puff cigars but don't want to stank up they car and catch cancer. Take a look at em. Mine is gonna come tomorrow or Thursday and I'll see how the smoke Output is... had one but i cant remember if it was plenty or Alight..... I tracked them down so it mus

Is Genesis 6 the Rosetta Stone to unlock the Bible?

Darius Harris 13 mins   ·   I just got through reading Genesis 6 KJV and NLT because I kept being lead there through hints and what appeared to be coincidence. I ain't a believer in coincidence anymore so I stopped the lecture I was listening to and read it. Beforehand I asked God in prayer to please let this chapter in the bible (torah portion) act as a "Rosetta Stone" to my quest or search for answers. i am pretty sure that after this all will open up to raise my intellectual level of understanding o f the word.\ But immediately upon finishing the KJV version (read it last because I need the NLT modern speech cadence to begin with.) I don't fully trust the translation so I always, well most times, follow it with the reliable KJV. I caught that there was a giant flag in Gen 6 .... To me anyway. And it was this... GOD was heartbroken and repentant that he made Man and put him on earth. In english, he hated our chitz. All of us ce

Things lincoln didn't say. Going viral on twitter.

Husla3x Supergenius   @ Husla3xGENIUS # ThingsLincolnDidntSay Damn it!!! I should have had them do the front yard before i freed em. Measure twice, cut once. Must remember that. I personally think # ThingsLincolnDidntSay should be # thingscamnewtondidntdo but thats just my # asperspective Follow me on Twitter.

Science Proves gravity just when Flat Earth gains traction. Seems like fear.

 Flat earth gets traction & then gravity reasserts itself. Coincidence? 186,000 miles per second - thats how fast light travel So ain't nobody tripping on the "Gravity Waves" discovery timing huh? In the last 2-3 months the whole "Flatearth" thing has went viral and all of a sudden they "discover" indisputable proof proving Einstein was right. Here go a few flags any sensible person would ask. Christian or atheist. 1. The discovery is impossible to see or even know about for 99% of humanity. 2. The Proof of the discovery is impossible for 99.9% of humanity to even understand enough to question, let alone prove. So how do we believe whatever the hell it is you telling us happened 1,000,000 light years away? 3. How the FuQ you hear it? It was 1 million light years ago. That means they heard some chit that is the distance away that light can travel in a year times a million. Light travel at 186,000 miles per second.

Racism can be so subtle when you are very light skinned.

Darius Harris   shared   Powerful Black Stories. By Heru G. Duenas 's   video . 3 hrs   ·   This all I be trying to say. He nailed it. This is what I be saying when I oke about New Berlin... Micro-aggression and immediate over-compensation hard to point out but 100% real. As a uber light dude its constant because its so subtle that the vast majority arent even aware they are doing it. Not the obvious racism that my darker kin catch... After nearly 50 years of it you become a master at defense and strategic preemptive1st strikes. I regularly use subtle replies as att ... See More -3:48 377,712 Views Powerful Black Stories. By Heru G. Duenas   added a new video:   WATCH: Black teen who volunteered for the Donald Trump campaig... Like Page February 7 at 4:27pm   ·   Racism can be very subtle. WATCH: Black teen who volunteered for the Donald Trump campaign as an experiment describes his experie

The whole nation is feeling down, this will help. For sure.

Husla3x Supergenius   @Husla3xGENIUS     17m # IAlwaysGetAnnoyedWhen I get # Profiled by the police for unlawfully eating a twix on the street while the iranians with backpacks walk past. View Tweet activity Husla3x Supergenius   @Husla3xGENIUS     22m # IAlwaysGetAnnoyedWhen Some1 black does something stupid & somebody not black gets called racist for noticing. they probably are racist, but still View Tweet activity Husla3x Supergenius   @Husla3xGENIUS     32m # IAlwaysGetAnnoyedWhen The single perspective 2 faced # American majority get offended by some regular stuff but ignore the # offensive chit.

Drunk & Naked get you killed by police in texas.

Darius Harris 17 minutes ago If this nugga wasn't erect, these nuggaz bogus. A naked erect man running at me getting popped too.... s'all I'm saying. Might pop him if he aint.. - But then they don't pay me to be professional doe. If naked and maybe charging officers with no weapon is enough to get you justifiably shot by officer(s) Plural - Then I think all bets off and I call for anarchy or revolution or something... because we sitting ducks it seem. I stays in so my probabilities low but I'm still bl ack and most who I love black. This is getting psychological, probably already is for them. They already was dealing with the "I put my life on the line everyday for you and this how you do me" syndrome. They is gonna kill everybody they contact and then humiliate or arrest you for looking nervous. The crazy thing is how can you not look nervous in a funky municipal ticket situation that might kill you? I'm nervous because ya

If you love God or rap, this the video you need to see.


My Aspergers sees a paralell world in co-existence with reality.

Real Religion 19 mins   ·   I haven't written on here in awhile because I was really messed up in the head and spiritually. I had discovered a line of thought that sent me down a Biblical path that seemed to have an equal an parallel path in the world. But i am getting ahead of myself in explaining... The world is the world I have always lived in and the kingdom is where I live now, they are paralell to each other but until you commit to one you can't fully see the other. I am not sure but it seems like there is no neutral, you have to choose a side.. By default the world is chosen for you (the enemy to Christians) the God of this world is the devil. Note: I also found an obscure verse that says Jesus is the king of the world also. Anyway I had come to believe and then prove that the enemy is a copy cat and everything that GOD has spoken to man through his word was reversed and mimicked by the enemy. Blew my mind when i figured out that the en