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Why as a Black Man I could never hate ALL whites. Blame Aspergers.

All my life I have been different. I haven't known it for nearly that long, but throughout the entire course there have been hints and clues and proof and evidence that old Husla3x (SG) wasn't regular. I ain't too much care one way or the other. Its sort of like when i found out I wasn't ugly, well at least not monster ugly, thought there was a good chance I was. Why you ask? Why would i think i was ugly? Well 1st off I was Black but my skin was beige or tan or some such chit. 2nd I had freckles and big ace bubba-lips and my hair was really, really, nappy. I'm talking description of Jesus nappy. I'm talking leave it be and it will develop into individual naps like i was born in a hut on the African plin nappy. Then add in the giant 4.5-head I sports and all that add up to Ugly. But if you add in the part about my mamma aint even want me and all mommaz want they Boy kids. And I am a boy. I was pretty sure i was ugly. Girls always took a curiosity to me, b

Men can not be whores, What an idiot.

Somebody just attempted to explain to me how Men were not whores. That made me sad for him a little  bit because that means that women can sex him out of things they want but he can't do the same. That's not the sad part. The sad part is chances are he will never know how wrong he is. Life is deep. Men are very much whores. We just call it something different, as do the women. If you have ever added a little more time and effort to sex to entice a woman to anything or given sex to  a woman for anything... You my friend are a whore.

Slavery ended 150 yrs ago and we still hate each other as blacks

I know I'ma catch flack but here goes.... They let that Zoe lady play Nina Simone and here we go.... Slavery been over for 150 years and we still reacting to the Light skinned, dark skinned nigger mentality that was beaten into us for 1/2 a millenia. I know I'm light than a biotch but black is black to everybody but black folks. We got a black president and he has proven that black is black no matter how much black you is. Our chance got a few more months left and the fact that he even existed (to me) has made the law enforcement and court systems hate us even more. I am a weird nugga, my Aspergers has made me search the term "I hate niggers" for about 6 years and the results have went from 200,000 to Millions in that time period. This is coincidentally the 1st time (IMO) that racism is actually personal not just "How things are" It has grown emotion outside of circumstance. (Thats scary chit if you a thinker) Divide and conqueor has been a p