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BYU student expelled for breaking "Moral Code" during own Rape.

Darius Harris Just now   ·   Oh this interesting, A Girl is Raped at Brigham Young University is basically expelled for breaking the Moral code. In a Article titled "How a Mormon University shames Rape Victims. “Are we to understand that this young lady wants her transgressions overlooked while holding others accountable for theirs?” wrote one online skeptic. “In the end, be moral and don’t break the rules and you’ll be better off”, scolded another. Asked a third, “Why do people think that a sexual ass ault means ‘everything I did is irrelevant and I am in no way responsible?’ That paragraph is amazing. She invited the dude in and had alcohol. Both of these action are illegal and against the schools "Moral Code" Emotion and feelings are trumping legalities. That is dangerous and always backbites. There was hardly any "New" news in my 1st 45 40 years of life, now there is "New" news everyday. Dudeman, we through the

Harriet Tubman on Any Currency is bad enough but shared is insulting.

She dedicated her life to free us and Money is whats enslaving us. She need a university. That's all I'm saying.  It just seem disrespectful to me. Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill makes me angry on so many levels that many have nothing to do with currency at all. I heard some reporter (FUBU) Trying to find the right words to say it was like a pressure cooker relief valve (he didn't succeed) And that's kind of true but its only a small part of the big picture. It made me pissed because even our smartest and brightest (FUBU) representatives will never get the whole picture. Most won't even come close, which is sad cubed. Anyway I even caught A new Jesus perspective, since I am a bible thumping bible nut now, that fused with my Black Perspective and that Mathed out to this.... "America put the one actual black person who went above and beyond to free Black People on the most popular and used denomination of the exact thing that in modern times ens

Does poor quality have a role in E-Cigarette Batteries Exploding? Could be.

W ell-made lithium-ion cells have a very small risk of failure. But the cheaper cells "have a much greater chance of having a manufacturing defect," You know I had to research. My God so good to me that he made E-cigars a bit more rare and expensive and offered by fewer non child-labor workers and workforce's. I would not trust the ones the sell on ebay that ship from places like China and Japan. 82-98% of the ones offered in the search engines - vendors are doubling in numbe r and availability about every month because they are getting popular because they cool AF. But thaat means that cheap shoddy products are rampant and I been trying to find a way to make them cost effective for me to introduce them here in Milwaukee. So reputation & quality cost a smidgen (yes I said smidgen) more ...BUT... its well worth it to investigate the company and build quality. Disposables (which are E-cigars largely) don't invest powerful batteries so E-cig

Bear chasing snowboarder real/ Not fake.

This is pretty awesome stuff. So glad she snows her stuff and caught that hill at the perfect moment or the title of this Viral youtube video would have been "Snowboarder eaten by bear while snowboarding

Old People Van Staff have shootout in office. Milwaukee Transit Express.

Darius Harris 16 mins   ·   Dude i was they Billing Director. I hope it wasn't John Doherty - Dudeman....!!! Police: One dead following workplace shooting near 4th & Court MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police are investigating a homicide that happened at about 7:10 a.m. on April 1st in a workplace near 4th and Court Streets. Police say… FOX6NOW.COM Like Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry Comment Share     Buffer Comments View 2 more comments Rosalie P Nolan   NO on the news it said workers inside Like   ·   Reply   ·   13 mins Rosalie P Nolan replied   ·   2 Replies   ·   10 mins Darius Harris   Good people run it... bit frugal and purely logical management while they drivers are more emotional... as everywhere. Like   ·   Reply   ·   10 mins Darius Harris   Guess thats why there