This mandela Effect has caught me up like Heroin. Devil Bait!!!

Ok so I got obsessed but for the 1st time ever... Slowed my flow.

Thank ya Jesus.

Since TV changed for a illogical reason emotional scenes have been stronger. Stuff that made me a little bit sad on regular tv made me unusually sad on DTV.

I was obsessed so i thank GOD for taking the wheel, but I never stop doing me.

I almost hate to put myself on the radar sharing this with nobody (I hate this sometimes I never hate) God smarter than me and I owe him all.... so use me Father.

I broke free of my obsession and coasted But while it had me i ran accross some nutzy stuff I can't explain but i will ask for help anyway. This puzzle is decent hard for me to turn away from. I have had my faith (worldly is all) put in doubt on stuff I know I know.

Life is like a box of chocolate (I know it say that)
Interview with A vampire. (I read that at least 3 times)
The scarecrow on wizard of Oz has a gun now. #NoBull
Hitler eyes is green now.
Cup-o-noodles is cup noodles now
Coca-Cola had a dash in the middle. (now it has a dot)

My Bologna had a 2nd name it mayer (its meyer now)

I'm asking anybody to tell me am I mistaken on any of the things.
If you still refuse to help Google any of em and have your mind blown. Hell I might be sleep right now. lol

But if I'm woke, GOD got me and this is a hell of a move. #BrandNewFunk to those in the world

Cern said they was gonna open a new dimension. I ain't Crazy. I personally think we all will be on a manhattan project documentary in 30 years.

Chit funny what can you do.

It really is time to catch the Jesus. This would put blinders if you wasnt in Jesus. All a them things are google able and they all (Plus more.

I'm prolly going to bed or Trolling. Love yall and goodnight.

Faith brings Blessing and Doubt cancels them.

Zip it on the negativity. the news is a tool to seed doubt. be like me... Catch GOD, have faith and trust in him no matter what is whispering in your ear or flagging you down'

Chit do what it do. husla3x(supergenius)


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