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Finally started flying my Phantom Drone a year later.

I was having health issues that made it harder to fly my drone. Come to find out I am allergic to wheat and it dam near killed me. The funniest thing is the doctor, my doctor, who incidentally looks like he lives on kenibunkport an is rich as the Howells on gilligans island let me suffer for years because i am black and obviously want pain pills. Its a long drawn out story, but man it makes you think about the mind fuQz of a White affluent doctor being able to doctor a poor black ghetto chile (me. lucky for me i am a supergenius and diagnosed myself after a few years of on and off trying... even went further, wife is a nurse, and figured in the CMT that resulted from the doctors allowing it to get worse. I also noticed a 1st time sunburn, minor, that lead me to MATH out a few deficiencies such as D, B1 and C of all things... now i am on the mend without the $5000 suggested guess brain scans..... Anyway... Jaboi. Husla3x)supergenius)

Who says Christians can't be funny? Funniest couple ever.


I just got a new perspective on Jesus dying for our raggedy as_es.


Whats offensive to us isn't offensive to yall sometimes. Duh!!

I admit I aint read the story yet, But ain't the fact that a lynching on the Statue of liberty seem kinda perfect as a expression logo for Black America for a long time, it's sad but that was really happening to our liberty.. un-noticed is the fact that most times a 12-13% segment of the population feels this way? We sensitive when we talk about the atrocities visited on us.... to remember something far more important to us than the MF alamo? But its fine for other to remember their chit with lowered heads and heavy hearts.... but not offensive at all when the ones who rained the atrocities on blacks agree with the other peoples remembrances. Thats not offensive. Everytime. Forever. The Holocaust was horrible. We agree but our chit was pretty horrible too for centuries ... so long in fact the untreated or acknowledges mental and spiritual residue still affects our entire existence... not to mention that the DNA of the man who raped your life lives and parades its superiority …

Random thoughts that might be racist but its not my fault.

1. If i was jodie foster i would accidentally run into Hinkley and CCW kill him.
I'd get away with it and its a simplistic genius plan. I would swear he was coming for me... whatever it took.

2. I ive in the hood and we have mostly all African hair braiding places. I tell my daughters not to go in them places alone and I don't either. the reason is I'm light-skinned as hell and many places in Africa think my body parts are magical.... I like all my chit. And its only albino's but what if I catch a dumb MF with a machete?  FuQ around and be in there alone talking and 15 MFs come out the back trying to take my fingers.... I'm black but Fuq all that, I'll be a better safe than sorry type of MF.... Its fun enough dealing with the intra-racial issues here.... add in voo-doo... I'm shooting eirthang.

Magical Racism. FuQdat!!! This White folk generated, created, propogated and instilled domestic variety enough for my ace.

And the strangest part that actually mak…

The Great Race War of 2016. Get behind Mil-waukee.

I know one thing: America better figure out a way to absorb another perspective because that Rush Limbaugh Tea-Party, boot-strap single perspective literally black & white out0look is gonna destroy this MF! And soon.
You really can't always be right and the wrongs you ignore and have ignored not accumulate. And the youth are hott tempered and living in a black & white decision making environment and more connected and united and informed "state" than any in history.
If you react to it how you always have.... we might just get to see exactly how much damage 13% can truly do to half a dollar that's too arrogant and single perspective and comfortable and single minded and slow changing/traditional to even see it forming/brewing/coming/happening.
Its not a threat, its a reaction. You just never saw the Action... even now. You'd rather be right. even when you're wrong. Again. Kids arent build for the 50 shades of grey.... they exist in black and white. just l…

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