Finally started flying my Phantom Drone a year later.

I was having health issues that made it harder to fly my drone. Come to find out I am allergic to wheat and it dam near killed me. The funniest thing is the doctor, my doctor, who incidentally looks like he lives on kenibunkport an is rich as the Howells on gilligans island let me suffer for years because i am black and obviously want pain pills. Its a long drawn out story, but man it makes you think about the mind fuQz of a White affluent doctor being able to doctor a poor black ghetto chile (me. lucky for me i am a supergenius and diagnosed myself after a few years of on and off trying... even went further, wife is a nurse, and figured in the CMT that resulted from the doctors allowing it to get worse. I also noticed a 1st time sunburn, minor, that lead me to MATH out a few deficiencies such as D, B1 and C of all things... now i am on the mend without the $5000 suggested guess brain scans..... Anyway... Jaboi. Husla3x)supergenius)


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