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Racism different now. Hates been incorporated.


The mandela effect is the counter to the deception.


Anatomy of a ghetto super-genius Bi-Genius capabilities.

OK this is weird, I think i am learning Quantum physics and how it relates to quantum computing.
I don't know how i am learning this stuff but it just happened to be down a path of some other stuff I have been interested in such as the bible and the Mandela effect.. I am not impressive at it yet but many things about it make sense to me and mirrors things I already did anyway. I am gonna give an example now, just in case you want to leave and not read this junk.
Example: All my life I looked at action things in steps. Here is the process of pulling and firing a gun in my mind.
1. Grab/Raise 2. Fire (if target is running fire where it will be next 2 positions judging by knees and elbows, usually its feet ahead and less ahead double tap)
It automatically fires where you are mentally pointing. The barrel is substituted for my Index finger. I have been practicing that since daddy first bought me my 2nd BB Gun at about 7.5 8 years old, I am now 49.5. I spent my whole life practicing my quic…

The news is Pure Revelations. EarthQuakes, Famine, Planet X.

Husla3x(supergenius) This is a FaceBook Post I transplanted from my page.10 hrs·
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I am currently spying 5 legit conspiracy theories and 3 involve increases in#earthquakevolume,#Niribi,#EndDaysand Cern#MandelaEffectAlways monitoring the fact that Yellowstone in like a Balloon about to burst for most of my life... Growing in height significantly every year. EarthQuake could trigger a Super Eruption - Figured that out about 12 - But in the end never worry because God got me - I just enjoy the Math - I also give it small probability or else the Subterranean Colorado plans and theories hatching/brewing/conspiring are a giant colossal waste. Good Morning Facebook