Anatomy of a ghetto super-genius Bi-Genius capabilities.

OK this is weird, I think i am learning Quantum physics and how it relates to quantum computing.

I don't know how i am learning this stuff but it just happened to be down a path of some other stuff I have been interested in such as the bible and the Mandela effect.. I am not impressive at it yet but many things about it make sense to me and mirrors things I already did anyway. I am gonna give an example now, just in case you want to leave and not read this junk.

Example: All my life I looked at action things in steps. Here is the process of pulling and firing a gun in my mind.

1. Grab/Raise
2. Fire (if target is running fire where it will be next 2 positions judging by knees and elbows, usually its feet ahead and less ahead double tap)

It automatically fires where you are mentally pointing. The barrel is substituted for my Index finger. I have been practicing that since daddy first bought me my 2nd BB Gun at about 7.5 8 years old, I am now 49.5. I spent my whole life practicing my quick draw that my uncle Dexter taught me through cowboy movies and Sammy Davis Jr - Who incidentally is probably the fastest draw on old westerns. So I grab the gun from my waist the same every-time and the 1st 2 steps are combined. I'm 50 and I always had a BB/Pellet gun similar in weight to whatever real gun was around.

Here is most people.

1. Grab gun
2. Lift Gun
3. Locate target
4. Aim Gun (if target is moving waste 2 steps chasing it.)
5. Fire

If you fake or dodge or feign... You add steps. So with that math you can be twice as fast as me and we will tie but i'll lead you if you don't hit me AND I die. You ain't twice as fast as me though. I thought you might be for a really long time so i practiced. Plus i loved knives.... TV raised me a little because granny was busy and Momma was busier.

Anyway that's pretty much what Quantum Computing does. It combines so many steps until where a normal computer can only be Yes or No at a time... Quantum can be yes & no at a time. I kind of always did that. I secured a yes answer but wondered about no... all my life. So while I am not Quantum i am further evolutionary thinking than Normal.

Very few people got that, most thought i was stalled or retarded (time lingo). Joe Lee my cousin was one..... I just noticed I haven't seen him on here in a while... I hope he OK. Somebody backdoor facebook mail me let me know because i'll worry now.

Anyway..... That's what i just found out... I think more in Quantum than regular. That is why I mentally do too much....

Anyway. Something i am trying to figure out and GOD changing me made me in a position and place in my life where i aint having to "Dumb/Slow down for nothing. Like i been doing subconsciously so as to not make people feel stupid. And plus I have a really good network to help me with the obvious stuff that every human on earth but me gets instantly. Plus the 50 years worth of obvious I've learned through repetition.
Basically I am Husla3x(supergenius) but my over-thinking Ace may have bitten off more than i needed to know over the last year studying the bible and God and Saturn and cern and mandela effect and planet X and television and ....... The world is generic as corn but Amazing at the same time.
I am dedicated to God right now and i doubt if i ever move... My faith is as solid as only Aspergers can make it, so I am just about magically with it. (lol)


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