The news is Pure Revelations. EarthQuakes, Famine, Planet X.

I am currently spying 5 legit conspiracy theories and 3 involve increases in#earthquake volume, #Niribi, #EndDays and Cern #MandelaEffect Always monitoring the fact that Yellowstone in like a Balloon about to burst for most of my life... Growing in height significantly every year. EarthQuake could trigger a Super Eruption - Figured that out about 12 - But in the end never worry because God got me - I just enjoy the Math - I also give it small probability or else the Subterranean Colorado plans and theories hatching/brewing/conspiring are a giant colossal waste.
Good Morning Facebook

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Andreas McMurtry
Andreas McMurtry I just hope Yellowstone hold off some time. I think we may be screwed here if it blows
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Darius Harris
Darius Harris Dang near everybody else too cousin. Lol
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