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Why wouldnt you have already thought of that? Genius

So I go to my Glasses dude ... doctor, and suggested that they change their questionnaire. A couple of them did the common and expected thing and saw a fancy ace nugga (i can tell, means nothing. Just life as a black man) and heard what they heard that wasnt even close to what I meant. The others heard what I was saying. I gifted them with the Idea because I love all people. Hard to love some because of the defensiveness present in us but I end up loving myself more because they did it to us/me. Basically... We are defensive as a people because we have always been under attack. I don't expect all whites to agree.... but I love the ones who do. Shows me there is hope always present in this Trump run Anglo-saxon fear ridden great country. And I can do ann of US history I can do 4 years on my head. And I know the reason is fear and a often latent gene that leads to Indians, Africans, Australians, Jews, etc. One day someone Smart, white and powerful will realize these truth and they …

Took some pics of the Moon because its epic tonight.


Secret Knowledge: Sometimes friends don't graduate.

Petty Strife Petty life. Messup big or go home.

It seems that whenever i count my blessings, some Idiot interrupts and I have to start all over again.
Life is good! Life is wonderful. No matter what you are going through at any given moment, good or bad, you have to be conscious and mentally well enough to realize it, and that's not d-e-a-d, which by the way is worst than bad. I hear people talking about how bad this last year was, and it was, and how their whole family had to adapt. I always look at it like this: If all the people I am worried about and for are all still alive at the end of the year, to have these problems, call it Fathers love, Human love, whatever but that was a good dam year, if my language offends you, thank you for stopping by. Life is precious, more than precious. It's hard to see that sometimes but nontheless true. And if by the way you have never read me, I will make up a word on you and I will curse. I love the lord so the intent behind my more "tangy" language is good-nature…

Took a few thousand hours but I got this answer.

Every now & again I feel like maybe i over-rate myself, and then tomorrow comes & I'm still standing through it all. My GOD is Too Good. Husla3x(supergenius)
I know a plenty a yall heather MFs finna leave. Aint chit like holding a mirror up to an unsaved sinner. The reason is they don't yet realize everybody is, we all are. No worse, no better. Humans pretty much ain't chit. Plenty of em ugly too, that's funny to my warped sense of human, I mean Humor.
Gen 6:6 say it plain, All yall ain't chit and I regret I created yall. We so garbage that we made GOD caint stand up. But then he love us more than anything. Might even be curiosity or something, above my pay grade....

I got this GOD stuff down-pat now. Took me a few thousand hours of Asperger interest, but I think I am in the right philosophical perspective to see, or begin to see the path that my creator put in place to save me from, well me. In my writings seem to be overly confident but I am …