Took a few thousand hours but I got this answer.

Every now & again I feel like maybe i over-rate myself, and then tomorrow comes & I'm still standing through it all. My GOD is Too Good. Husla3x(supergenius)
I know a plenty a yall heather MFs finna leave. Aint chit like holding a mirror up to an unsaved sinner. The reason is they don't yet realize everybody is, we all are. No worse, no better. Humans pretty much ain't chit. Plenty of em ugly too, that's funny to my warped sense of human, I mean Humor. 
Gen 6:6 say it plain, All yall ain't chit and I regret I created yall. We so garbage that we made GOD caint stand up. But then he love us more than anything. Might even be curiosity or something, above my pay grade....

I got this GOD stuff down-pat now. Took me a few thousand hours of Asperger interest, but I think I am in the right philosophical perspective to see, or begin to see the path that my creator put in place to save me from, well me.
In my writings seem to be overly confident but I am never without doubt. But through that doubt you can have no doubt that I am always going to be me wherever I am.
*Its what I do. The writings I don't use I catalog. I find my stories and the off-shoot philosophical spinoff stories interesting sometimes. And I love creating the worlds and existences that be birthing the worlds. 

Basically I never mentally rest.

At any given time in my life I am reviewing the experiences I have had and some that are witnessed and investigated others experiences, as a team, so I can live vicariously (so to speak) think through the other inhabitant interior participators. Meaning I learn from others mistakes far more than my own at this age. I train even my multiple personalities ceaselessly mentally and often physically.
Basically I wasn't so much prideful as, sure i wasn't going to run into anyone who goes as hard and fast as I do preemptively.
How else could I truly love myself before GOD made it completely irrelevant?


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