Petty Strife Petty life. Messup big or go home.

It seems that whenever i count my blessings, some Idiot interrupts and I have to start all over again.

Life is good! Life is wonderful. No matter what you are going through at any given moment, good or bad, you have to be conscious and mentally well enough to realize it, and that's not d-e-a-d, which by the way is worst than bad. I hear people talking about how bad this last year was, and it was, and how their whole family had to adapt. I always look at it like this: If all the people I am worried about and for are all still alive at the end of the year, to have these problems, call it Fathers love, Human love, whatever but that was a good dam year, if my language offends you, thank you for stopping by. Life is precious, more than precious. It's hard to see that sometimes but nontheless true. And if by the way you have never read me, I will make up a word on you and I will curse. I love the lord so the intent behind my more "tangy" language is good-natured. Basically we cool. But if you are an acehole, christian or of the world, you wont hear I.
If you read my main blog, old, old blog but still kicking butt. The main blog, my baby, is where I can be 100% me, no holding of the tongues, no biting of words, no beating around the bush. Just pure uncut Husla3x (super-genius) in all of his "it's hard out here pimp, ghetto fantabalious, dam why do white folks always gotta, po and black in America- edness"
Unfortunately I am no longer worry-free as google connected everything, so the truth is an assault to most people and I love some of them so I am restrained a bit.... But FuQdat.


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