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So I go to my Glasses dude ... doctor, and suggested that they change their questionnaire. A couple of them did the common and expected thing and saw a fancy ace nugga (i can tell, means nothing. Just life as a black man) and heard what they heard that wasnt even close to what I meant. The others heard what I was saying. I gifted them with the Idea because I love all people. Hard to love some because of the defensiveness present in us but I end up loving myself more because they did it to us/me. Basically...
We are defensive as a people because we have always been under attack. I don't expect all whites to agree.... but I love the ones who do. Shows me there is hope always present in this Trump run Anglo-saxon fear ridden great country. And I can do ann of US history I can do 4 years on my head. And I know the reason is fear and a often latent gene that leads to Indians, Africans, Australians, Jews, etc.
One day someone Smart, white and powerful will realize these truth and they will become self evident. (means the same thing BTW) Oh and we will have a leader to show us ours - One that doesn't lose his head. ..... To bullets. I aint trying to be next so I'm a STFU. At least until yall ready to listen. Because I hope it get better but I already made mines better.
Anyoleways. This is a blog post and I wanted input (pleasepleasepleaseplease) before i posted it there. O.K
my suggestion, which the owner took me in the back examination room and inquire about was this...
I have steroids in my system. So my answer to are you on any medications was -No- But they are in my system still. Prednisone has a 1/2 life of about 6 hours so A:12hrs - but I was infused with and= IV for 2hrs over 3 days... and then took massive doses for 5 days orrally. I have them in my system.
They effect eyesight so this is a wasted trip. Schedule me 2 weeks ahead/from now. I didnt know until i say the Chart.
Now they (if the smart) will change the questionnaire to a better gauge of the "Actual" condition of the patient.
Oh & BTW -
Millissa: They were talking about what you suggested when you went back there.
Me: They didnt think you would tell?
Millisassa: You should have sold them that.
Massive laughter.
Oh yea i made up "How May I help you?" in 1991 when i won AT&T valedictorian at some junk i had to go to... I thought "Can I help you" was stupid because they called of course you can help me dummy.
Meda-Care vans was the 1st place to use it. I loved John Dougherty and mary Smirelli but like all bosses they end up Jealous because I was way smarter than them and i aint speaking proper in the back and i was fine $6 or whatever.
I went back in 2001 10 years later because Millissa was on her 30 year old lady junk about security... I aint even kind of get it. But They built an addition in the back and made me "Billing Director" and I did good and then told John (who I think had got jealous of me or some chit... I dunno....) I still love them and would go back but fuQ dem i'm good.
I told them make a store and the tagline could be "Preserving independence' except sing it kinda happy white peoplish. It dont hit ya mind as well with soul. DKY.
I only quit because we was getting audited and I was handling it but my baby died and mary wouldnt let me leave for the funeral. And I quit on the spot. I got aspergers. I only had a job cause Millissa told me Get a Job... I kinda tell her i can do whatever... My wife want me to have a job for i die in the streets. Made sense so fuq the streets, they dont love nobody.
I think I was sad all the way till I get to Jakes... cause i had $1000 in my pocket. I'll just fake like I'm going to work until i grow a pair. A nugga was scared a Millissa cause she a get at you but you caint reply in kind or the beast a come out.
All I remember is Lee-P let me take his Malibu with rims to that AT&T junk Mary nem was proud i got valedictorian and i aint know what it meant or care. Still dont. and I was cool so i hid from him 3 days and he had to drive the limo. I was addicted to people in the same car honking.
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