The next conspiracy theory is MLK survived the shooting....

Darius Harris remembering the past.
8 hrsMilwaukee
For one bright moment back in the late 1960s, we actually believed that we could change our country.
Time went on and we adjusted and racism adjusted too... and then Obama came and we again believed....
May be a myth about MLK. May be....
I as a solo autistic boy in the ghetto wondered why blood never fell over the ledge of the balcony when he was shoot in the news reels. I never forgot and never mentioned and never ever aknowledged ... until I saw this
...but as i compare the single thing all the black leaders and black lovers who were leaders and entertainers and even gangster rappers and comedians...... had in common. The common denominator.... combined with my life experiences real and vicarious (reading, hearing about, 1st hand witness accounts) This could easily be true.
Trump won the election in America.
So I see america as a pressure cooker where every so often they loosen the top. But never, ever, everever, turn off the gas.
Anyway Prodigy was sort of a threat if you look you'll see. Maybe the most potential threat since Pac. All he needed was a foothold ... which he had just got. The same pattern with prince , MJ and Cosby. #ItIsReal
I'm from Milwaukee and i am ever vigilant in how large my audience gets and how far my truth extends. Milwaukee will never let me forget i'm black... no matter how many ignorant MFs on my own side try to convince me I am not.
@50 i am experiencing my 2nd black pride exclusion. the 70s and now.
I Hold my fist up. I say it loud. I dents what I hit. And I am a Harris...... Gimme ya jokes. Keep yo serious to yoself tho.
And remember
I gives a fuQ because black is beautiful and i am black. I just might have to convince a silly MF every once in a while... #IcanDoThat just like i always have.
And if by some astrological impossibility somehow I cant.
I was born into an army on both sides. My Momma and daddy both had stripes...
If I catch a gas explosion..... March for me and go back and read my earlier chit at


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