Americas most incarcerated zip code!

I used your pic. I hope you don't cake out.
 "The United States has the most prisoners of any nation in the world both in raw numbers and by percentage of the population. These numbers are further compounded within Milwaukee’s mostly African-American 53206 ZIP code, where 62% of adult men have spent time in prison, making MILWAUKEE 53206 the most incarcerated ZIP code in the nation."

Milwaukee is a Motha-Fukka!!

I grew up 1319 w center st 53206 from birth till 14- Love Frank - Barely escaped alive to the comfort of 133 e Concordia... Not even joking. My wife truly saved my life, until Jesus re-birthed me and gave me purpose.

I look at it like Las Vegas, That chit cracking at night but as soon as the sun comes up you can see the Make-up on the 50 year old Hoe. That's how milwaukee is under scrutiny. Under scrutiny Milwaukee is worse than it was back in the head cracking days of Police Chief Harold Breyer. I hate breyers ice cream to this day for his name on it. Yea, Even though my own folks put me through inspection to rival Homeland Security just to be black, the MPD ain't have no problem discerning the nigga in me enough to ruin my future and tag me felon. And I ain't alone. I just happen to be "Rainman" of the ghetto. My aspergers kept me striving not to go to prison or not get shot while the crooked police officer try to get your goat by provativing at your wife or hollering at your daughter and wife or arresting your 15 year old son in his underwear unlawfully taken from youe residence as they arrest you for mistaken identity.

Not find out first and then arrest you. My Daughter Hates Police to this day. Thank You Fukkaz. for that. Took 10 years to feel comfortable you wouldn't notice and kill her.... effectively forcing me to become an ArchVillain and use my full 165 IQ towards what mt autistic ace always wanted to anyway.53206

Charge: Autistic and thought I had rights. You see I believed Grand Daddy and the television and all the other MFs, seseme street too, who said I Had Rights. They ain't tell the Police tho... so now I got a Felony that I don't even know what it is (class) or whats its for. I hate them motherfuckers... and its the city. Its these dam sepretist ace coordinates in existence.

The Police are corrupted and(continued. I gotta Pee. BRB.


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