BREAKFAST EPIPHANY'S - I owe you life. You Give me life.

BREAKFAST EPIPHANY'S - I owe you life. You Give me life.
I have been wobbly on my feet for months. It hasn't been from the MS or the deaths or the attempting to deal with deaths pass the newly discovered and heightened emotions or the Autistic logistics of the situation. I was wobbly from that but this morning was different. This Morning was all about love. Love for my girl. Not my wife, not how she take care a me when I couldn’t. Not how she understood me when I didn’t. (recently) Not when she saw me vulnerable and saw strong. None of that, Just her. Her smell, her giggle, her crooked booty walk that still goes and comes at (Insert age here), lol. And Love for my family, I think my sisters opened that up. These last few years they put some polish on that nugga Mary Harris made. And these last few months, couldn’t have made it without them. They showed me a me I could never see. Never would have. Love for my girl children, because I can feel them worrying and loving me. Even from a distance. Same with cousins, both sides, even some strangers who connected with me miraculously through chance meetings and "degrees of separations" online through people that lead to facebook. Where they felt my pain. The exact same pain I couldn't.... Well couldn’t, until this morning. Read More


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