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I talk #hit but I am so happy to be black and in America.

I never posted this.  Its been in the unpublished section of my weas ace blogger blog. After google stole 4 years and thousands of hours or my life, I quit. I think I can sue them now. Just thought of that. I just wanted to take this opportunity to explain to the randoms that find my blog organically (through search engine ie: Google) and didn't get to see the "Black mans diary blog Mission Statement" and become shocked when reading the content. Ok. I admit I may come off a bit....Jaded....or, prejudice against White People. I actually do seem that way at cursory glance, but if you read the blog regularly you will come to a new understanding concerning the content, articles, photos and videos contained in this blog and are only the truth as best I can describe, from the less prosperous and mainstream perspective. I tell it how I live it, no matter how that looks or sounds....Maybe even seems???? Hmm, I wonder which one is right for writing a blog, looks, sounds or s