I talk #hit but I am so happy to be black and in America.

I never posted this.  Its been in the unpublished section of my weas ace blogger blog. After google stole 4 years and thousands of hours or my life, I quit. I think I can sue them now. Just thought of that.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to explain to the randoms that find my blog organically (through search engine ie: Google) and didn't get to see the "Black mans diary blog Mission Statement" and become shocked when reading the content.

Ok. I admit I may come off a bit....Jaded....or, prejudice against White People. I actually do seem that way at cursory glance, but if you read the blog regularly you will come to a new understanding concerning the content, articles, photos and videos contained in this blog and are only the truth as best I can describe, from the less prosperous and mainstream perspective. I tell it how I live it, no matter how that looks or sounds....Maybe even seems???? Hmm, I wonder which one is right for writing a blog, looks, sounds or seems. I also Ramble. Anyoleways, I got the Idea that the world would want a better understanding of how the Average poor black person thinks about big and small issues about life in general in America. I also had a secret weapon to add to the dialogue.

I am black, but mixed. I am not one of the momma black father white type. Neither of my parents are white but one of my grandparents was creole and another, full blooded Indian, so I am mixed and bright skinned. I have actual white people in my family that I know love me up and beyond any racial distraction.

I was raised by my grandmother in the "poor" part of town in a medium sized midwest city, MIlwaukee. I have an honest to god bi-racial dual perspective. Simply stated, I can see clearly both side of any racial argument. I have the truth to share if I can find a white person who is interested, and I can and do find this audience through this blog, well mainly the old blog but google saw fit to confiscate it under the pretense of "robot Blog". If you have read even one of my posts on any blog ever, you know this crap ain't being written by no robot. But I ain't tripping or stressing about it anymore. I was for a good long time, but i am over it now.....kindA. They did after all malisiously deprive me of nice sized percentage of my content online cutting into my other more income based endeavors. I also lost a geat number of comments and interactions between myself and my many viewers. One day up and happy, hours later surprisingly deleted by google, somebody is gonna sue google one day. That would make a great movie or book.

That was Years ago - The pic is my now - I have another blog Drivingmsdaily.com and let me tell you honey... Things have changed. Ill be in contact... just trying to put me back together.

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