I aint sure Bill cosby drugged all those women. #TruthTime

#YouAintGoanLikeThisBut - Bill Cosby ain't rape the Hoes.
The news always say how #BillCosby drugged them "Ho's" he spose to had raped...
..But they full of chit because he aint drug all them hollywierd bytches... He offered them MFs drugs... Cocaine qualudes, at the peak of qualudedness. A lot of them accepted, ... and then got him some. That is so much closer to the truth of the situation.
That was the whole point... I give you drugs... You gimme you. Its 12:40 in the morning, 1960s ho! Even Ms Cleaver know what that mean... we finna make whoopey june. You meant to be high... i took that as the rest of the agreement....
On everything I love and ever loved (cause I'm old) We aint see that because its 50 years later. And chit softer... like us. Back then Women ran chit, just from the background. Husband was the front man. Now women the front man and running chit....
Aint a decision my wife make thats Marriage, that I dont be at the table on. Yall just hear shhe got my passwords... I got hers too... DUH.
Yall stupid and jaded asf. Every RAPPER now offer the prospective punanny weed... and all the Hoes (Hoes have news stories that start in Hotel rooms and mfs houses, at 2-3 in the morning.) HOES accept that chit, get nice and then fiddled with. #FuqYallTalkingBout Fuq what yall talking about. If you was at home, got offered high, and came and got high at 3am in the rain, looking sexy, conversated with me, got more comfortable and accepted a molly too.... FUQDT! You already know.
Fuq wrong with yall? Its terrible... in 2018 - Chit only :"Frowned upon in 1960.
Its like taking my momma to jail in 2018 for whopping me with an extention cord in 1974 - Fuq Yall, Get off my m omma.
Bill Cosby wrong asf.... But not no wronger than any regular mf coochie aint flinging itself at.
Let that old ace nother era ace man out jail and self examine your selves....
A'int no niggaz (crakkaz too) that aint raping women the exact way Bill Cosby did. None. Dinner.... drinks.... weed.... QUAludes (era) Fuq what yall Hypocrit aces.....
If its a loved one out there to change my GUMP ace perspective... Please do. 
Because I respect women waaaaaaaaaaaay more thsn I respect idiot ace nuggaz. Why you think I aint hangout so much with them? #Fu_kYouThought?
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