When is trust me too trusting? Hell they don’t even trust GOD no more.

When I think of all the leaps of faith we have took as black folks it amazes me.

We actually trust every single time an entity that as a whole recently thought it was cool to own people, demoralize as a way of life women, take the land and right to the land of an entire people, repeatedly ad to add insult to injury expected those victims to be fine with it immediately upon it stopping. All the time lying and stealing and killing and legislating ways to not be guilty of the crimes they are at that time doing. Always. So much so until the freshly oppression reduced entities now se the wrong they complained and fought against and died under as the way of the land and contribute to the newly minted mental oppression of themselves. And every woman in the community works and feeds her family creating liesure time for them by babysitting both ends of the gauge. Elderly and Infant. Mexican are not welcome in their backyard since it was "Discovered". #FuqOttaHere
I am non-racist to a fault but Math is math and American Math hate niggaz. Maybe it appears not to but when pressed its obvious or the mindset to elect a buffoon (a few years ago) like trump president would not have morphed into a vehicle to do so.
Spent pretty much my life trying to mediate a better racial understanding. I thought it all a lack of communication. Stupid Me. I aint of this world, just in it. Never was. And no one can see that electing a black-man (1/2) was the final try or hoorah for Political Correctness. I have been saying publicly for 2 decades online that PC bred resentment. AND YOU DIMWITTED SONZABYTCHES STILL DON'T GET IT!!!
I am so done giving a fuQ. What was I trying to do anyway? Hoping to accomplish? I was Don Quiote.
Everything you think you know is probably a lie in one form or another.
Should have never let a mentally geniously deviant, manic and master of "Bigpicturology" take a couple years to seek the answers to everything I ever wanted to know, heard somebody want to know or seen unanswered on TV.
Everything you think you know is probably a lie in one form or another.
Been knew. Sad din na bytch.


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